Back in January, Panic! At The Disco's latest record Death Of A Bachelor went platinum just one year after its release. Six months later, the album's title track has followed in its footsteps.

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"Death Of A Bachelor," the digital single, was certified platinum by the RIAA on June 20 Headline Planet reports, meaning the track reached one million equivalent units in the United States.

Due to the adjusted measurments between streams and purchased units, this means one dollar equates to 150 streams. 

This continues to add to Panic! At The Disco's continually impressive figures, as the group had already posted the highest grossing tour of the spring, beating out acts like Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran.

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Frontman Brendon Urie is also currently making a splash on Broadway performing in Kinky Boots, which has seen a lot of success since his debut late last month.

However, new Panic! At The Disco is already in the works, and Urie is calling his latest demos "bizarre."

“Whether I’m writing a lyric or making a beat, every day I’m doing something. I never really stopped working, so I’m curious to do the sort of Frankenstein method now and see if I can pull all of these things to kind of jigsaw puzzle this [next] album,” Urie says. “I’m just going to keep writing until that happens—it seems like it’s going really well right now. There’s a few ideas I’m really excited to keep working on.”

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