Papa Roach already have new songs written and recorded.

The band confirm they are working on a follow-up to 2017’s Crooked Teeth.

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After some teasing on social media, Papa Roach's frontman Jacoby Shaddix confirmed they already have new material.

In June, the band shared a black and white photo of a whiteboard with a series of “to-do’s” listed on social media, hinting they have completed pre-production and drums for a new album.

The picture led fans to believe new album was in the works. Turns out they were right.

Loudwire reports Shaddix told the Morning Moose show the band already has new material. "We have 13 or 14 songs written and recorded, and we feel we have a lot of really great material," he revealed.

Papa Roach went into the studio after their tour with Of Mice & Men last year was canceled, which means the writing sessions started right after the release of 2017's Crooked Teeth.

However, the new music is a departure from the band's sound, "There's a few songs that we're challenging our fans, like, 'Hey, are you gonna come down this road with us?'" Shaddix explained. "And the material we're writing we just feel is just great. It's so inspiring and just unique and different and rocking and anthemic and passionate. It's undeniable."

"I feel like when we wrote the album Getting Away With Murder, it was a pretty bold evolution for the band, especially with a song like "Scars" at the time for our band. Now when you think of "Scars" and Papa Roach, that's the norm, that's who we are, he continues. "So I'd say the evolution is comparable to that."

Listen to the interview in full below:

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