Paramore are apparently excited to see Happy Death Day 2U, and not just because the film features one of their tracks.

The film features “Hard Times” in an apparently “very...mmm...interesting way” according to director Christopher Landon.

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Landon tweeted at the band and suggested they see the film.
Paramore responded, saying they are excited to see the movie. They added that they think the film sounds like something lead singer Hayley Williamswill definitely relate to. “From what we’ve heard, the film sounds like one big visual manifestation of Hayley’s life when Hard Times was conceived…. Some darkly comedic shit. Can’t wait to see the movie,” the tweet reads.


If you don’t want to wait to see the film and hear how the song was used, we have the insight to give you a glimpse.

The main character Tree Gelbman, played by Jessica Rothe, has to keep dying over and over again. She does so to reset the day and save her friends. The film features a montage of Tree in several different death scenes, which is when “Hard Times” is played in the film. It’s definitely interesting to say the least.

Happy Death Day 2U dropped last Wednesday and is currently in theaters. You can check out a trailer for the film below.

Have you seen Happy Death Day 2U? What did you think about the use of the Paramore track? Sound off in the comments!

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