Not even a week has passed since the release of Paramore’s enthralling sixth studio album This Is Why, but the beloved trio continues to mesmerize with the release of a brand new music video for their latest single “Running Out Of Time.” 

“Running Out Of Time” and its relatable themes exploring anxiety and poor time management come alive in stunning detail in the Ivanna Borin-directed video. The visual finds frontwoman Hayley Williams, styled in vintage Vivienne Westwood as an homage to the late designer, deep in her songwriting process in a recording studio before things take an unexpected turn, to say the least. After witnessing a guitar and drum set come to life before her eyes, Williams enters a portal through her guitar case that transports her into a fever dream in the trippiest corners of her deep subconscious.

Watch the psychedelic video for “Running Out Of Time Below” below.