Amid the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, one Paramore fan recently shared his recreation of the classic Riot! album artwork. The reimagined cover art features the names of victims who lost their lives to police brutality.

Following the positive feedback the artwork received from many, Paramore decided to launch a Say Their Names poster featuring the fan's cover art. All of the proceeds from the poster were to be donated to the NAACP and Color Of Change. Following the poster's announcement, the band received comments from fans regarding the message that was being sent with the new merch item.

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On Friday, Paramore took to social media to announce the launch of the Say Their Names poster. In the now-deleted tweet, the band revealed that all proceeds from the poster were being donated to the NAACP and the nonprofit Color Of Change.


Soon after the poster's announcement, Paramore received various comments from fans expressing their concern about the merch item's overall message. Some feel that the band are capitalizing on police brutality victims while others express that the poster comes off as insensitive.

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Since receiving the fans' comments, the poster has been removed from Paramore's merch store. Hayley Williams then took to Twitter to apologize.

Williams continues by saying that the last thing Paramore want to do is offend people. As well, the removal of the poster is in "no slight" to the fan who originally designed the artwork.

She also says that she appreciates all of the fans who came forward with their opinions.

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She concludes her statement by sending love to all of her fans and saying that she is using this ordeal as a learning experience.

Back in June, Paramore announced they are donating $25,000 to Black Lives Matter NashvilleCampaign Zero and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). They also took the time to express their love and gratitude for their LGBTQ+ and Black fan communities.

“Over the last couple of album cycles, one of the greatest things about being in Paramore has been the diversification of our band’s community of supporters,” the statement reads. “In 2017 and 2018, specifically, we played shows for the most diverse crowds of our entire career. We have very clearly benefited from so many different communities of people – and most apparent to us, the black and LGBTQ+ communities. It is our turn to stand in solidarity with our black fans, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc….and show our support in a very tangible way. These contributions are in addition to our commitment to be teachable, be vigilant, and be responsible with our privilege. We love you, we LOVE YOU…and BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

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