Find out which Paramore song you are based on your zodiac sign

If you’re into astrology, then you probably use it to find out more about yourself. Astrology can tell you exactly who you are, down to what you’re interested in, how you act and how you perceive the world. But did you know your zodiac sign can even tell you which Paramore song you are?

There are many different facets of astrology, but one that gives you the most basic definition of who you are is your sun sign. Your sun sign is based on your birthday, and it tells you all the different aspects of yourself that correspond to things, such as songs and albums. 

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If you’ve ever been curious about which Paramore song vibes directly with your sun sign, you’re in for a treat. Do you want to find out if “Still Into You” or “Decode” fits best with your zodiac sign? Keep reading to find out.

Aries – “crushcrushcrush”

crushcrushcrush” is the truest of Aries anthems because it highlights just how multifaceted Aries can be. While Aries is known for being a feisty fire sign, they also value spontaneity and togetherness. “crushcrushcrush” reminds us that an Aries loves fiercely but has a softness about them, too, and just wants to be loved. Paramore show us that even the strongest people can feel deeply.

Taurus – “Never Let This Go”

Never Let This Go” screams Taurus, even just from its name. Why? Taurus is the most stubborn of the zodiac, and “Never Let This Go” definitely brings those qualities to mind. Similar to their Aries friends, Tauruses have many levels to them, and Paramore do a great job of highlighting that Taurus can be heartbroken yet still stubborn in this ballad. Being stubborn isn’t always a bad thing, and holding on to love can be something intimate and beautiful, which is why Taurus belongs to this song. 

Gemini “Brick By Boring Brick”

Brick By Boring Brick” stays true to Gemini in that it illuminates the duality of being an air sign, right down to the butterfly imagery. Geminis often wake up each day feeling like a different person, ever-evolving out of their cocoons. “Brick By Boring Brick” leaves the past behind and highlights Gemini’s need for grounding and structure that they are almost always lacking. Paramore show Geminis that they can find stability, even if they’re constantly changing and evolving. 

Cancer – “Still Into You”

Still Into You” is all about finding power in your weaknesses, which ultimately screams Cancer. Cancers are in tune with the moon and wear their emotions on their sleeves. With a song such as “Still Into You,” we’re reminded that pain is OK, and it’s important to sit with your emotions and really let yourself feel them. After all, that’s the epitome of a Cancer’s vibe. You can be both soft and strong, which Paramore tell us in this song. 

Leo – “Born For This”

Born For This” couldn’t be more of a Leo anthem because it depicts the spontaneity and pride of a real fire sign. Leos are confident people who are also innately creative and powerful in their own right. They live each day like it could be their last and truly enjoy life. Thus, “Born For This” was born for Leos, as it reminds us to live life to the fullest. Paramore point out that it’s OK to be confident and express yourself in a way unique to you.

Virgo – “Ignorance”

Virgos are too busy to put up with everyone else’s problems, and “Ignorance” speaks to that. Virgos are organized and thrive under pressure. However, they’re also creative and completely unique individuals. Thus, Virgos know that you’re not the same, and they don’t have time in their insane schedules to be worried about how others perceive them. What’s wonderful about Virgos is that they can be themselves in any situation, inspiring others to do the same, hence “Ignorance.”

Libra – “Rose-Colored Boy”

Rose-Colored Boy” brings out the absolute balanced nature of Libra. Libras are often wearing rose-colored glasses. They take everything with ease and are generally laid-back people. However, it only takes one thing to bring Libra back to reality, and that’s the rose color wearing off. “Rose-Colored Boy” reflects the balance Libra brings, as they eventually find their way back to the center, asserting both pessimistic and optimistic qualities. 

Scorpio – “Decode”

Decode” is dark, moody and angsty, which makes it the truest essence of a Scorpio. The broodiest of the zodiac, Scorpios thrive when being introspective and creative in a way that highlights exactly who they are at their core. Thus, a song such as “Decode” exudes that mysterious vibe that comprises a Scorpio. 

Sagittarius – “Let The Flames Begin”

Let The Flames Begin,” even in its name, brings out the inner fire that Sagittarius signs exude. Sagittarius is impulsive and erratic yet also confident and powerful. This conflicting energy makes “Let The Flames Begin” an honest Sagittarius tune, as it shows how the fire sign can take a bad situation and turn it into something to dance to and have fun with. Sagittarius loves a good time and will make just about any occasion into one, always finding the positives. 

Capricorn “Ain’t It Fun”

Ain’t It Fun” is all about the harsh reality that is living in the real world, and that couldn’t be more of a Capricorn thing to talk about. Capricorns crave structure and are blunt to a fault. Caps tell it like it is and won’t sugarcoat the truth. Thus, “Ain’t It Fun” is the ultimate song for Capricorns because it just gets them. 

Aquarius “Fake Happy”

Fake Happy” instantly brings Aquarians into the mix because they’re often associated with not being able to properly express their emotions. An Aquarius thinks logically, so when they do feel, it’s often inward. This After Laughter banger is all about faking happiness but deeply feeling raw emotions, which makes this song perfect for Aquarius signs who struggle in a similar way. Once Aquarians are comfortable enough, they can express their emotions more openly, which is the message Paramore nail in “Fake Happy.”

Pisces – “Daydreaming”

Daydreaming” may as well have been written from the Pisces perspective. Pisces are extremely intuitive beings, often lost in thought about what the future holds. Going where the dreamers are is the tone of “Daydreaming”—believing more is out there than just what you see. Because of that, “Daydreaming” fits perfectly for any Pisces.