[Photo by: Paramount Pictures]

Paramount Pictures is launching the first-ever virtual reality theater—and the studio already has the movie and date set for the first screening. 

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Starting Dec. 29 at 6 p.m. EST, anyone with a VR headset and a Windows 10 PC can sign on to Big Screen and watch Top Gun 3D as if they were in a movie theather, reports Deadline.

According to the website, viewers can also meet up with friends before the screening and chat by the popcorn stands and animated movie posters. (Yes, it's that similar to a real movie theater, but way cooler).

Then, Big Screen explains, your group will have to look for the entrance of your section before you're teleported into the cinema. Once there, you will even get the chance to watch some trailers before the movie starts.

Here's a teaser of the event:

After the first session, Top Gun will be available for more 24 hours in regular intervals.

The event will only be available for people is the U.S. at first, but we're surely hoping the experiment works well and virtual reality theaters become a thing.

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