People have done some crazy stuff to make it to a gig that just can’t be missed, but this one concerning a metal show is next level.

A couple from Texas traveled from their Houston home to Detroit’s El Club, which is a 1,300 mile drive taking upward of 20 hours to traverse. That in itself is dedication, but the crazy part wasn’t the trek.

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John Guerrero, 48, and Virginia Yearnd, 39, allegedly left their 11-year-old daughter home alone in order to catch metal act Godflesh at the Detroit venue Aug. 22. According to Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, the duo were arrested upon returning to Houston Monday night, nearly a week after leaving their child home alone.

According to court documents, the couple left the morning of Aug. 22. Local authorities were alerted of the situation by the girl’s great aunt after talking with the child who let her know she had been home alone since the previous morning.

Deputies attempted to get in contact with either Guerrero or Yearnd for hours, finally reaching them to first be told they were Louisiana. The couple finally came clean about being in Detroit, so deputies headed to their home where they discovered the girl “trying to cook.”

After being taken into custody, the metal-loving duo claimed that Yearnd’s sister was asked to check in with the girl, but she failed to do so. The couple was arrested on second-degree felony child endangerment charges and booked in the Harris County Jail with no bond.

According to the Houston Chronicle, a parent or guardian in Texas who has custody over a child under 15 can be charged with child endangerment if he or she “intentionally abandons the child in any place under circumstances that expose the child to an unreasonable risk of harm.”

The Chronicle also reported that the couple can face up to 20 years if convicted, and Child Protective Services is looking into the incident.

Head below for video of the concert that could not be missed as taken by another fan at the show.

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