Felix and Louie Pastel have done it again. Paris Texas' latest single, "cyanide," is a percussive tour de force complete with dripping synths and smoky vocals.

"cyanide" sits squarely at the point where two lines that promise to never touch intersect. The lethargic groove barely contains a thrumming energy within, and Felix takes every opportunity to nudge the song so that this power bursts forth. His occasional grunts or oddly inflected words are as kicks to the back of a car, wheels caked in mud growling with anticipation at its impending release.

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The video, directed by frequent collaborator Aus Taylor, sees the duo being assailed by a heavenly figure with a bow played by Mowalola. Arrows whiz by as they try their best to complete their living room concert, but they don't make it through without a few injuries.

Look below for Paris Texas' "cyanide" video.