Producer/DJ Party Favor (Dylan Ragland) and vocalist Elohim are unleashing their menacing new single “Losing My Mind.” AltPress is bringing you a first look at their new collaboration.

“Losing My Mind” is the second single to be released from Party Favor this year. The track puts a unique spin on the traditional EDM song. Together, both artists construct an otherworldly atmosphere.

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“Losing My Mind” fuses pressurized synths and driving beats, creating a hypnotizing sound that you can feel yourself getting lost in. Equally as important, the track’s lyrics hold a deeper meaning for both artists that goes beyond the surface level.

Party Favor and Elohim offered their insights into the song.

“I feel like I’m constantly losing my mind,” Elohim says. “Questioning what’s real. Or if anything really is.” This contemplation can be heard within Elohim’s vocal performance, as she projects a sense of realism.

In regard to the song’s concept, Party Favor says that the song goes beyond the straightforward first impressions. “I want ‘Losing My Mind’ to feel sonically as though you are driving through the apocalypse, like Mad Max,” Party Favor says. “Lyrically, ‘Losing My Mind’ is a play on how dance music gets into our heads and creates this endless cycle.”

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The synth’s energy builds to an explosive hit that works to emphasize Elohim’s vocals coupled with Party Favor’s production capabilities. Long after the first beat, the infectious song lingers in your eardrums. This proves Party Favor’s previous statement on how dance music is unforgettable.

In recent years, Party Favor has continued to hone his craft, and has done so in spite of the disruptions to music brought about by the COVID-19 pandemicIn a 2020 interview with DJ Times, he spoke about how he was able to avoid becoming uninspired by lockdown through a daily musical routine.

“Practicing the piano,” he reveals. “I am [also] challenging myself to produce a beat a day. No genre or vibe rules… just creating. It has really made me enjoy making music again. And I think it is taking me out of my habits I have made over the past couple of years.”

By taking this approach, Party Favor extracts the most out of his artistry, culminating in the music he produces today. One of the results of this creative endeavor is “Losing My Mind.”

Listen to “Losing My Mind” below and let us know your thoughts on the new single.