PAWS is teaming up with AP to premiere their latest single "Impermanent" off of their upcoming album, No Grace

No Grace, the band's third album, was produced by Mark Hoppus and will be released on June 17. 

"This was actually one of the last songs fully written for No Grace, even though I wrote the guitar parts and melody long before any of the other songs on the record. I was working on the lyrics right up to the last day of recording, constantly making last minute changes. Really wanted to make sure I knew where I stood with them. We were so excited that Mark Hoppus wanted to sing some backing vocals and harmonies on the chorus," Singer Phil Taylor says. "It's a total honor for me to have Mark sing a song I'd written and have our voices side by side on a record for a moment."

"Well, at the tip of the iceberg with this song, there is reference to the sometimes fleeting landscape of internet-based arts, journalism coverage and social media. Maybe artists are investing too much hope and money in something that could potentially be here today and buried tomorrow – might be detrimental to development. Bands margin their progress and success too much by the hand of what's happening online. On a broader note, there's reference to people scrolling through their lives and taking in the world around them through a rose-filtered camera rather than the perfectly clear one that they have in their skull. Their self esteem at the mercy of short-lived moments of instant gratification and praise. It's easy enough to feel a little lost."

"Near my hometown under a railway bridge, there's a piece of badly executed graffiti done by a boy that went to my school that says "the internet makes me feel ugly."  I passed it on the bus last week on a rare trip "home" and was surprised to see that it was faded, but still going strong. I think it's grown more power and relevance with time then it had when I first saw it 10 years ago. It's not too far off what I was trying to get at with this song – it's all kind of a double edged sword."


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01: No Grace

02: N/A

03: Impermanent

04: Gone So Long

05: Complete Contempt

06: Gild The Lily

07: Empire State

08: Salt Lake

09: Clarity

10: Asthmatic

Check them out on tour: 

06/22 - Dundee, UK @ Conroy's Bar w/ The Spook School, The Kimberly Steaks, Captain Chaos

06/23 - Aberdeen, UK @ The Lemon Tree w/ The Spook School

06/24 - Edinburgh, UK @ Summerhall

06/25 - Glasgow, UK @ Stereo

06/26 - York, UK @ The Fulford Arms w/ The Spook School

06/27 - Liverpool, UK @ Studio 2 w/ The Spook School

06/28 - Leicester, UK @ The Musician w/ The Spook School

06/29 - Manchester, UK @ Soup Kitchen w/ The Spook School

06/30 - Leeds, UK @ Headrow House w/ The Spook School

07/01 - Bristol, UK @ Start The Bus w/ The Spook School

07/02 - London, UK @ Moth Club w/ The Spook School

07/03 - Brighton, UK @ Hope and Ruin w/ The Spook School

07/04 - Birmingham, UK @ Hare and Hounds w/ The Spook School

07/23 - Sheffield, UK @ Bungalows and Bears w/ Big Deal, Hannah F