[Photo by: Krousky Peutebatre-pictures/PEARS Facebook]

If you’re hoping to gift someone (or, honestly, yourself) with something nice and original for the holidays, then PEARS’ vocalist/guitarist Brian Pretus might just have you covered.

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Now that the band have wrapped up the last of their shows for awhile, he’s started writing and recording original songs—with drums, bass, guitar and vocals, “the whole enchilada,” as he calls it.

“The song can be about whatever you want, or leave the topic up to me if you're feeling feisty,” Pretus writes on his page. “I can do a special cover song you want too, pretty much whatever you want. Just not The Decline. Or Sweet Child O Mine.”

He has a variety of options available, from $150 for a 1:00 original, full band song to $400 for a full 2:00 song on CD with hand drawn cover art and a special hand written lyric sheet.

Honestly, we’re pretty much sold. A song about anything? We’ll get to thinking what we want it to be about now. See how you can get a special track for yourself (or a friend, if you're feeling generous) here!

Would you by an original song from Pretus? Let us know in the comments below!