Pet Sematary fans, get ready to lose your mind when you see this alternate ending the film almost had.

Many people were divided on the ending, which was almost way less dark.

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The producers spoke with Entertainment Weekly a few months ago to explain the ending, but now they’ve finally shared it with the world to see.

If you’ve seen the new movie, you’ll know it’s pretty different from the original. The 1989 version of the film shows the reanimated corpse of Rachel returning to Louis, which is on-par with the 1983 book. However, the new version is way more freaky.

If it isn’t obvious, there are going to be a ton of Pet Sematary spoilers ahead, so read on at your own risk.

Warning: spoilers

For some background, Jason Clarke and Amy Seimetz play Louis and Rachel Creed in the film. Also, Jeté Laurence plays Ellie, and 3-year-old twins Hugo and Lucas Lavoie is Gage, her little brother.

The new film shows Rachel, Louis and Ellie all dead. Gage is the only one alive, but as the ending implies, that doesn’t last long.

King says when he saw an early cut of the finale, he thought of a new idea to make the film have a less horrifying ending.

“I talked about an ending where Gage is walking up the middle of the road. We see dawn, and we hear a truck coming, and think, ‘Oh, my God, he’s gonna get greased in the road. That’s how this is gonna end!’” he says. “Then at the last second, this woman pulls him out of the road and rescues him, and says, ‘Where’s your mommy and daddy?’”

Obviously, when the woman finds out what happened to his parents, it won’t end well. However, King says he wanted to just end it at that.

However, if you’ve seen the movie, you know this doesn’t happen, so not even King can feel better about one of the most shocking deaths he’s ever written.

Now, you can actually see the alternate ending that was filmed down below and read the EW synopsis.

“As in the climax of the theatrical version, Louis Creed (Jason Clarke) follows his resurrected daughter Ellie (Jeté Laurence) as she drags her dying mother Rachel (Amy Seimetz) to the Pet Sematary. Then Louis and Ellie fight in the graveyard. Just as Louis gets the upper hand, Ellie morphs into an innocent, pleading guise and Louis hesitates to finish her off. But instead of a suddenly transformed zombie Rachel stabbing Louis from behind as in the official version, the alternate ending instead cuts to this:”

Pretty wild, right?

Other Pet Sematary news

While the internet is still morning the loss of beloved feline Grumpy Cat, we’re hit with the devastating news of the passing of another iconic cat. Leo, the leading cat in Pet Sematary, has passed away just weeks after the film’s release.

Leo was one of four Maine Coon cats that portrayed Church in the Pet Sematary adaptation that dropped earlier this year.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Leo played the role of Church anytime the cat was required to be “undead.”

Leo is a confident sit-stay cat.” trainer Kirk Jarret says. “His role is as the undead Church; that was his whole purpose, to be the poster child. The cat you see all across the different platforms, and in the trailer, almost any time he’s in in the undead makeup—that was Leo.”

After filming for the movie wrapped, Jarrett adopted Leo and gave him his own Instagram account to share photos of the famous feline with fans.

Jarrett used that Instagram account to share the news of Leo’s passing on Wednesday.

It is with great sadness that we tell you that Leo has passed away. He will forever be missed by his human and fur family. May his star always shine bright.”


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A post shared by ♥ Leo ♥ (@church_aka_leo) on

This hurts our hearts.

You can check out Leo in the film’s trailer below.

What do you think of the alternate ending? Sound off in the comments down below!

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