Ariana Grande had us all in shock when she surprise-dropped her latest single “thank u, next,” which, as we all know by now, is a track paying homage to all of her exes.

The song quickly became the breakup anthem of 2018, and while it's not meant to be a diss track to her previous relationships, that doesn't mean the internet hasn't thought about what the reaction of her exes were.

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The song, which names all of Grande's exes specifically (including Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Pete Davidson and the late Mac Miller) took fans by surprise:

“Thought I’d end up with Sean/ But he wasn’t a match/ Wrote some songs about Ricky/ Now I listen and laugh/ Even almost got married/ And for Pete I’m so thankful/ Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm/ Cause he was an angel.”

The lyrics, while not necessarily dissing any of those former relationships, did cause fans to question whether or not Grande’s exes approved of the song before she dropped it.

The answer was quickly revealed on Twitter, as Grande quickly shot down any rumored issues between her and her exes thanks to the song.

"they heard it before it came out," the singer wrote in response to a fan who joked about what Big Sean and Ricky Alvarez's reactions would be when hearing the song.

Even though she noted that her exes heard the track before it dropped, she never specified what their reactions actually were, which still left the question.

Luckily, our question has been answered...for one ex at least.

According to a new report from E! News, Pete Davidson recently addressed his break up with Grande and his reaction to the song during his sold-out show in Boston on Monday night (Jan. 1)

During the performance, Davidson began his set by talking about "breakup songs," and Grande's unexpected approach to them:

"Here's the thing about the breakup song. Usually breakup songs you know who it's about but you don't really know. That G named all of us," Davidson reportedly said. "Bam. She named all of us. And then, tells us, yeah, he has a big dick."

He then continued on by saying that it was "a sad day," and he wasn't exactly sure what to expect:

“That shit came out before I had to put on a fucking duck hat and be like, ‘derrrp here’s the pizza!’ So all my friends were there. It was a sad day. We didn’t know it was going to happen."

Soon after, he revealed that he knew going into the song, it was "rough," but he soon realized that the song wasn't actually bad.

"This won't be easy, this is rough," he continued. "So I start playing it. And we're all like, 'Ehhh… it's ok.' We're like 'Okay, it's not that bad for you."

We're glad to know Davidson's thoughts on the track, and it's even more of a reason to throw the song on repeat.

After weeks of teasers from Grande, the full “thank u, next” music video was finally dropped back in November, hitting on rom-coms like Legally Blonde13 Going On 30 and Bring It On.

Check out Ariana's video for "thank u, next" below!

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