There are very few situations that we could think of that aren’t greatly improved by a pet. Whether it’s a dog, cat, snake or other friendly creature, pets just make everything better, including music videos.

Because we could all probably use a smile right now, here are 10 music videos where pets absolutely stole the show from bands. Check those out below.

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Neck Deep – “Torn”

Neck Deep covered “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia as a part of Songs That Saved My Life, and made it even better by featuring an adorable bulldog. The simple video that looks like it was shot in someone’s apartment is taken to the next level thanks to this furry friend.

Fall Out Boy – “The Take Over, The Breaks Over”

We can’t forget about this Fall Out Boy classic from a decade or so ago, partially because the video features an appearance from yet another adorable bulldog. The pup is seen weaving through fire hydrants and giving Pete Wentz some hilarious sass thanks to clever subtitles.

Waterparks – “Crave”

While Waterparks did take the liberty of dressing up like puppies themselves, the real stars are all of the actual dogs that are having the time of their lives. They’re running around playing with toys and the band, and it’s exactly the kind of heartwarming content we need right about now.

OK Go – “White Knuckles”

Somehow, OK Go was able to make dogs a part of their choreography routine, which is pretty impressive. While these pups definitely looked a bit confused at times, they seemed to be enjoying all of the attention.

Don Broco – “Superlove”

The chaotic dinner party in this Don Broco video features a lot of drinking, some fighting with food and plenty to look at. Plus, there’s an appearance from a dog. And even though there was so much going on, the adorable little black puppy stands out in our heads for sure.

Best Coast – “Crazy For You”

This Best Coast video is straight out of a West Coast psychedelic set from the ’60s, and it’s made even better by portraying a team of cats as the team shooting the video. The cameraman, director and entire crew is comprised of highly-opinionated felines, and it’s just downright perfect.

Echosmith – “Let’s Love”

In this prom-themed video, Echosmith gets a much-welcomed interruption to their performance by a band of wrinkly little puppies that are the definition of “too cute.” Seriously, why didn’t our high school dances end like this?

Weezer – “Island In The Sun”

While the video for the classic version of this Weezer song takes place at the wedding, the Spike Jonze version is all about animals. The band seems to play with every animal imaginable in this video—cats, bears, puppies, monkeys and more.

Radiohead – “There, There”

This Radiohead video is just downright strange, but it does feature some furry creatures. Frontman Thom Yorke is seen walking through the woods when he stumbles on the home of a couple of squirrels that act like humans. As he keeps going, he runs into several personified versions of woodland creatures that frankly freaks him out, so they definitely stole the show.

Tegan And Sara – “Boyfriend” 

Tegan And Sara featured a quick shot of a particularly fluffy dog in this video that’s probably the most memorable moment. The quick glimpse only showed the dog’s star power and made us wish he was featured more.

What is your favorite video featuring a pet? Sound off in the comments down below!