On April 11, Minnesota police shot and killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop. According to the New York Times, Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon stated that Kim Potter, the cop who fired her gun, had mistaken the weapon for a taser. Wright leaves behind his almost 2-year-old son Daunte Jr. and Chyna Whitaker, the mother of his son.

Now, Phoebe Bridgers is showing her support for Wright’s family. This week, she revealed on social media that she is handwriting tattoos for fans who send over screenshots of their donations to the family.

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Wright’s death has sparked outrage across the nation as protests continue in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center. According to the Washington Post, Wright is at least the 262nd person to be shot and killed by police so far this year. 

The fatal shooting of Wright occurred amid the trial of Derek Chauvin who is facing charges following the death of George Floyd in police custody last year, which took place mere miles from where Wright was killed Sunday.

Since Wright’s death, many are coming together to support Whitaker and Daunte Jr. as they deal with the sudden loss. Earlier this week, Holistic Heaux, a company that provides support for the Black community, shared a graphic with information on how individuals can donate to Wright’s family. 

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According to the post, they are accepting gift cards, groceries, 18-24 month baby clothes, size 6 shoes and size 4 diapers. As well, monetary donations are being accepted through Venmo, Cash App and PayPal. Holistic Heaux is also accepting drop-off donations, and individuals should reach out the company through Facebook or Instagram for the address.

“Holistic Heaux has been coordinating support for Chyna, who is the mother of Daunte Wright's only son,” the tweet says. “She has made a request from [the] community about what she needs. We will be updating this list daily as she updates us.”

On Monday, Bridgers shared the infographic on Twitter and confirmed that she is handwriting custom tattoos for fans who donate to Wright’s family. 

“I’ve been seeing some people on here who want tattoos in my handwriting,” Bridgers says on Twitter. “If you donate here I’ll write whatever you want.”

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Bridgers goes on to say that all fans have to do is make a donation and tweet her a screenshot along with the tattoo they want her to write. However, she further notes that she isn’t very good at drawing. 

“Comment a screenshot of your donation (not the dollar amount I don’t want anyone to be embarrassed about how much or how little they can give) and what you want me to write,” Bridgers tweets. “Also FYI I can’t draw at all.”

So far, Bridgers’ tweet has already resulted in dozens of donations to Wright’s family and numerous handwritten tattoos

For those that wish to support Wright’s family during this difficult time, monetary donations can be made out to @thuy-jones on Venmo, @$hubby98 on Cash App and @holisticheaux on PayPal. Please subject all donation transfers as “Daunte Jr.”

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On April 12, hundreds attended a vigil at the site of where Wright died including his mother Katie Wright who spoke to the crowd of people.

“I miss him so much already. It’s only been a day and I can’t imagine what’s gonna happen tomorrow [or] the next day,” Katie Wright said via CBSN Minnesota. “My heart is literally broken into a thousand pieces and I don’t know what to do or what to say. But I just need everybody to know that he is much more than this.”

Whitaker also attended the vigil on Monday. After speaking about Daunte Jr. losing his father, she was quickly embraced by the crowd who gathered to pay their respects and honor Wright.

“He just made you feel better when he came around and I’m just hurt that he’s gone. I can’t believe it,” Whitaker said at the vigil via CBSN Minnesota. “He loved his son, and it’s not fair that his son won’t have his dad in his life. I can’t really believe that this happened. I’m still trying to process it. I didn’t get to say goodbye to him and just to see him again.”

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In a new interview on The Today Show, Mike Elliott, the mayor of Brooklyn Center, said that officials are still trying to determine if Officer Potter will face charges.

“Whenever, through the line of duty, someone kills another human being, there must be accountability," Elliott says on The Today Show. “This is a tragedy for our city, for our community and in fact for our nation.”

Earlier this week, Elliott stated in a press conference that Potter should be permanently removed from her position on the police force. Elliott’s latest update arrives following the second night of demonstrations in Brooklyn Center. According to USA Today, 40 arrests have been made due to curfew violations and rioting in the city.