Hey, AltPress readers! We are Stars in Stereo and this our new photoblog from the road.

We are on tour right now with P.O.D and Flyleaf and are having an amazing time.

Stars In Stereo tour blog | Alternative Press

One of our favorite parts of touring is meeting other artists who feel as lucky as we do to be living on the road playing music every night, and this tour is no exception. It has grown to be the most collaborative touring experiences we have been a part of yet.

Stars In Stereo Tour Blog | Alternative Press

All three bands have had at least one member jump up on stage with another band and it really creates an awesome energy for us and for the crowds.

Stars In Stereo tour blog | Alternative Press Pat from Flyleaf has jumped up with his bass to join us on on our cover of “Dream On,” Jordan and Frogs filled in for Sameer from Flyleaf for a few shows while he dealt with a family emergency, and Sonny from P.O.D has joined Flyleaf on stage most nights to do a new song they wrote together. Even our guitar tech Dane is joining us on stage and playing guitar for “Every Last Thing” every night!

Stars In Stereo tour blog | Alternative Press

We will be checking in every couple of shows with updates and stories from the tour so be sure and check back often! If there is anything you want to hear about, let us know on our Twitter: @stars_in_stereo or on our Facebook.