So you think you've got what it takes to shoot for AP? Here's how:

Send an email to [email protected] OR fill out the form below and show us your work. Keep it concise and professional - we're busy here!


LIVE PHOTOGRAPHY: Every issue, we reach out to a large stable of live photographers to gather submissions. Fill out the form below if you'd like to join. If we approve you, you will receive an e-mail back saying that we'd like to add you to the AP PHOTO ARMY list. We won't add you without your express permission to do so. Once you accepted into the AP PHOTO ARMY, you will begin receiving monthly emails from us. These mails will contain a list of bands that we'd like to include in the mag, so if you've already shot these bands* we'd love to see what you shot! We get a lot of submissions, so if we don't get back to you, don't be discouraged—just keep shooting!

     *PLEASE NOTE: Any assigned photographers are representatives of AP. Our AP PHOTO ARMY list photo requests are NOT assignments of any kind, nor do we expect you to run out and try to shoot all the bands we're looking for. Please do not use this list or otherwise drop our name to try and get media passes. If you have your own resources and want to drop someone's name to get a pass, that's fine, just don't drop ours—we really don't like it. Especially if the venue or band thinks you're a jerk, because then they think we're a bunch of jerks, too. If we find out that you did do this, we definitely won't publish your photo, we'll take you off our list and we'll never work with you again. So please: Don't do it.


ASSIGNED PHOTOGRAPHY: Posed and feature photography requires a very different set of skills, experience, equipment and photo resources than live/event photography requires. We usually give assignments to experienced photographers that specialize in these types of shoots. In the case of live photo assignments, we prefer to assign live photographers that we've worked with in the past. These often are shooters who have consistently submitted great live photos from our PHOTO ARMY list, and have proven that they're competent, responsible and professional. If we've never worked with you before at all and you haven't consistently melted our faces with your amazing work, we're very likely not going to give you an assignment.

PROVIDED PHOTOGRAPHY: For many of the non-feature photographs—such as those sometimes seen in sections like the AP Poll, AP Recommends and our reviews—we reach out to the bands' representation, ask for a photograph and then they give us one. That's it. We don't assign it to anyone or use submitted photographs; they strictly come from the bands and their representatives.

PHOTO CREDITS: We always do our best to give credit where credit is due for all the photos we run, but sometimes we aren't given the photographer's name or we forget to add it or we just plain get it wrong. If you see your photograph in AP without a photo credit, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we'll credit you in the next issue or online if thats where your photo was used. If you see your photograph in AP and you're upset because you believe it was used without your permission, email us and we'll tell you who you should really be mad at, because they gave us the photo in the first place.