From tweeting to pinning, being plugged in is a norm for today's Internet age. Thanks to all of the social media sites (Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), fans and musicians have a chance to connect outside of the typical venues of meet and greets or shows. From silly vines to epic live photos, you can expect just about anything when it comes to social updates. If you're curious what your favorite bands have been up too lately, lurk our viral picks of the week!

Eisley (@Eisley)

Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides (@AndyBVB)

Blacklist Royals (@blacklistroyals)

Dia Frampton (@DiaFramps)

Empires (@weareempires)

Divided By Friday (@dividedbyfriday)

No Doubt (@nodoubt)

The Used (@WeAreTheUsed)

I Killed The Prom Queen (@iktpqofficial)

Honour Crest (@HonourCrest)