Pixies have announced a new EP, EP-3, their third and final in a recent series, as well as a full-length studio album, Indie Cindy, their forth overall and first since 1991's Trompe Le Monde. Additionally, the band have released a video for their song "Snakes."

As with previous surprise releases, September's EP-1 and January's EP-2EP-3 is available for immediate digital download, as well as on limited 10-inch vinyl. It includes previously-released single "Bagboy," and three new tracks, "Silver Snail," "Ring The Bell," and "Jaime Bravo." Check out the cover art and tracklisting below:

1. “Bagboy”

2. “Silver Snail”

3. “Ring The Bells”

4. “Jaime Bravo”

Compiling all three EPs, Indie Cindy will arrive April 23 internationally and April 29 in North America, through the band's own label, Pixiesmusic. All tracks were recorded by longtime producer Gil Norton in the fall of 2012, during which bassist and founding member Kim Deal departed the band. The remaining members have since relied on live bassists, first Kim Shattuck then Paz Lenchantin, to tour the globe over the past year.

Below, you'll find the artwork and tracklisting for Indie Cindy:

1. “What Goes Boom”

2. “Greens And Blues”

3. “Indie Cindy”

4. “Bagboy”

5. “Magdalena 318″

6. “Silver Snail”

7. “Blue Eyed Hexe”

8. “Ring The Bell”

9. “Another Toe In The Ocean”

10. “Andro Queen”

11. “Snakes”

12. “Jaime Bravo”

The full-length will be available in a plethora of formats. In addition to the standard CD, vinyl, and digital download treatment, Indie Cindy will be available as a limited edition two-disc set, which includes a live CD and 40 page hardback book. The live album, which was recorded during the band's recent North American tour and includes Lenchantin on bass, will also be available digitally. Here's the tracklisting:

1. “Bone Machine”

2. “Hey”

3. “Ana”

4. “Magdalena 318″

5. “Snakes”

6. “Indie Cindy”

7. “I’ve Been Tired”

8. “Head On”

9. “The Sad Punk”

10. “Distance Equals Rate Times Time”

11. “Something Against You”

12. “Isla de Encanta”

13. “Planet of Sound”

Finally, a special Record Store Day limited edition, two-disc, deluxe gatefold, 180-gram Indie Cindy vinyl set will be available on April 19. Check out a trailer for the release below:

Continuing their apparent campaign to film a music video for every new song, Pixies have also debuted a new music video for "Snakes," a track which first appeared on EP-2. Check it out below, and catch up on all the videos the group have released in the past year.

EP-1: "Andro Queen" | "Another Toe In the Ocean" | "Indie Cindy" | "What Goes Boom"

EP-2: "Blue Eyed Hexe" | "Magdalena" | "Greens And Blues" | "Snakes"

EP-3: "Bagboy" (alternate) | "Silver Snail" | "Ring The Bells" | "Jaime Bravo"

Pixies will continue to tour internationally throughout 2014. Head here for a full list of dates.