Okay, so pizza-flavored ice cream has unsuccessfully been launched before, but Los Angeles-based creamery Coolhaus has put it back on the map—and this time it’s different. “It really tastes like pizza—not in a mimicking way,” says CEO and co-founder Natasha Case. “But in a way that is evocative, and I think really interesting. The mascarpone base gives it a creamy and slightly sweet cheese flavor, the tomatoes are sweet and sour, the olive oil is earthy and the fresh basil is herbaceous and bright.”

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Coolhaus are known for their quirky ice cream concoctions. They even have a flavor dubbed Netflix, which consists of a white cheddar popcorn base and bits of Doritos. 

But it seems as though people are hooked on the pizza concept. “Almost everyone who comes in to our Culver City shop wants to try the pizza ice cream, even if they haven’t heard about our new menu,” adds Case. “Everyone is shocked to find out that it actually evokes the taste of pizza.”

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Coolhaus has locations in both Culver City and Pasadena, as well as trucks roaming around the Los Angeles area. Next time you’re in Cali, make sure you stop in and see what all the buzz is about.