The Plain White T's will live on famously or infamously for years to come. Their 2005 hit "Hey There Delilah" topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2007 and grabbed them two Grammy Awards in 2008. Most massively popular songs of the mid-2000s came and went with the seasons. But not "Hey There Delilah".

The Plain White T's multi-generational bop sticks around thanks to the internet and a few raunchy, inappropriate memes that caught on like wildfire.

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In an interview with Nylon, the Plain White T's talked all manner of things Delilah and even revealed their favorite of the memes the song has spawned.

"It's like ['Hey There Delilah'] never went away. It's still important to people and part of people's lives," frontman Tom Higgenson says. Through bouts of laughter, Higgenson, guitarist Tim Lopez, and drummer De'Mar Hamilton unanimously agreed that "Snapchat me them titties" is their favorite meme of the bunch.

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It's important to note that Delilah is, in fact, a real person. She was not and has never been in a relationship with Tom Higgenson. That love song we all learned on acoustic guitars to swoon our middle school crush was about a girl who had a boyfriend. Higgenson has come under some fire lately, especially after the rumor of a television show based on Delilah. Higgenson spoke about how he never intended to pressure Delilah or make her feel uncomfortable.

"She [Delilah] was playing along with it as much as I was," he explained. "I was poking, hey, I'm going to write a song about you, blah blah blah. She was like, 'Cool, where's my song? Play me my song.' So I don't think there was anything creepy," Higgenson says."

"It was a bummer because she did have a boyfriend, so that's almost why it was this innocent— like OK, there's no pressure here, this is not anything besides like, man this girl is beautiful, and I want to write a song that she'll like… You're in love or you're crushing, or there's somebody that's inspiring you, and that makes you grab the guitar and write a song… It was just literally me in my mom's apartment writing a song about a girl."

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When asked about whether or not the real Delilah would feel comfortable with all of the raunchy meme jokes, Higgenson said he hopes not.

"I feel like she's got to be disconnected a little bit from the joke at this point," Higgenson said. "So many years and as big as it's gotten, I think it's definitely transcended… I would hope she'd have a good laugh at it, but who knows. Maybe I'll ask her."

What do you think of the Plain White T's favorite meme? Sound off below!

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