Remember that time there was a Pokémon Go Fest?

If yes, you might recall that the festival didn't go exactly as planned, and it looks like a class action lawsuit that attendees filed against the creators of the event has finally been settled. 

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Last year, the developers behind Pokémon Go, Niantic, decided to create a meetup for avid users of the app, only for the event to be classified by many as a total disaster. As Mashable points out, the users who went to the first-ever Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago had quite the time: long lines and connectivity issues to the Pokémon Go servers. 

These issues ruined the entire festival for many, and some attendees decided to take matters into their own hands by filing a class action lawsuit against Niantic.

Per the Mashable report, Niantic originally offered ticket refunds and in-game items worth $100 for the disappointed visitors, but for those who traveled to Chicago for the event, they were out much more than the cost of a ticket and game items. Factoring in the cost of car rentals, airfare, hotels and other travel expenses, the ending resulted in a settlement of $1.6 million. 

Ninantic is reportedly paying out $1,575,000 to reimburse visitors and the official settlement should be up by May 25, per a report by TechCrunch.

The site also reports that there will be a catch to the settlement, as the people claiming a part in the lawsuit will have had to check into the fest through the game, with the added factor that those who are claiming over $100 will have to be able to back their claims up with receipts of their alleged expenses. 

We can't really blame these fest attendees for being upset, but it looks like they will at least be getting reimbursed for some of their expense. 

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