New Jersey-based indie act Pollyanna are gearing up for a new chapter with the release of “I Promise, I’m Lying.” The duo-turned-trio are teaming up with AltPress to exclusively premiere the vibrant visuals.

The band formed as a duo from the ashes of Chasing Down Sunset in 2017. Originally consisting of vocalist/guitarist Jill Beckett and drummer Dan McCool, they recruited bassist Brandon Bolton in August who is making his official debut with the “I Promise, I’m Lying” video.

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In the first new track and video with the bassist, Pollyanna opened up on the range of emotions they captured across a dreamy, synth-laden beat.

“‘I Promise, I’m Lying’ is definitely a whirlwind of emotions,” Beckett begins. “It goes on a manic-depressive roller coaster throughout the song and brings out the chaos we all can feel in a manic state but don’t want to admit. The line in the chorus, ‘I promise I’m not crazy, I’m a little in a rough spot’ means that we lie to ourselves because we don’t want to feel—in societies terms—‘crazy,’ so I blamed it on being in a bad place instead of just actually admitting to the chaotic behavior.”

Pollyanna worked with director Alex Wolf to capture that chaos as the band play a small, vibrant room full of glitter and catharsis.

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“We wanted the entire video to be super chaotic but also glamorous,” Beckett continues. “Director Alex Wolf spent a lot of time with [us] coming up with the perfect portrayal to convey the messages and realizations in the song. The video starts off with all of us having that ’80s pop star type of look, and by the end, I go off the walls, letting myself cry and unleash the chaos that I have been trying to cover up.”

The new single comes after the release of the band’s debut EP, The World Is…, in April, which featured the single “Ghost.” The band shared an acoustic version of it in June, but this new track marks the first fresh material since then. 

“I Promise, I’m Lying” will hit streaming services Nov. 18. You can presave it here and check out the video below now.

Pollyanna have a string of tour dates kicking off later this month and through December. Check out all of their upcoming shows below with tickets here.


11/21 – Washington, DC @ The Dwell
12/01 – Orlando, FL @ Soundbar
12/02 – Atlanta, GA @ Smith’s Bar
12/03 – Raleigh, NC @ Imurj
12/05 – Akron, OH @ Oakdale House
12/06 – Lansing, MI @ 127 House
12/07 – Dayton, OH @ Jimmie’s Ladder
12/08 – Buffalo, NY @ Stamp’s Bar
12/09 – Montreal, QC @ La Sotterenea
12/11 – Boston, MA @ O’Brian’s Pub
12/12 – Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds
12/13 – Long Branch, NJ @ Brighton Bar
12/14 – Long Island, NY @ Amityville Music Hall