Pool Kids have announced their self-titled sophomore album. The band also released lead single "That's Physics, Baby," alongside a music video.

Pool Kids arrives July 22 via Skeletal Lightning.

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"That's Physics, Baby" is a wonderfully cascading piece. Each layer of the track feels timid, starting for a time but backing down just as they pick up steam. The chorus sees each element embrace each other. In an act of mutual encouragement, every sound reaches its peak and coaxes more beauty from the auditory components around it.

In the Hannah Schmidt-directed visual, Pool Kids venture out into the wilds, romping through the forest carrying recording equipment. Only when they finally reach their destination, a cramped, dank cave, do they begin filming.

Check out "That's Physics, Baby" below.

Pool Kids tracklisting

1. "Conscious Uncoupling"
2. "That's Physics, Baby"
3. "Almost Always Better (Almost Always Worse)"
4. "Further"
5. "Talk Too Much"
6. "Comes In Waves"
7. "I Hope You're Right"
8. "Swallow"
9. "Couch"
10. "Waking Up"
11. "Arm's Length"
12. "Pathetic"