POORSTACY shouts out the misunderstood in his new track, “Children Of The Dark.”

Along with the song comes a new video, shot and edited by Abraham Rasmussen, produced by Afflux Studios and directed by the singer himself.

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The music video begins with the artist entering a phone booth. As he claws at the side to escape, a host of faceless people circle the booth. Subtle images of stares and judging faces speed past in obscurity, reminiscent of the early 2000s post-hardcore from which the artist draws inspiration.

“Children Of The Dark” proves for the second time this year that POORSTACY can take influence from any genre and make an absolute banger out of it. The instrumentation of “Children Of The Dark” features distorted guitars and fast-paced drums. The layers are complemented by the singer’s clean vocals and passionate screams. Unlike “Public Enemy,” which featured a raw, synth-driven minimal sound, the new track edges even deeper into hard rock territory.

The artist’s 2020 album, The Breakfast Club, featured songs ranging from synth-heavy hip-hop, such as “In My Pockets,” to melancholy songs bordering on indie rock, such as “Empty Room.” His forthcoming album, Party At The Cemetery, is set to drop sometime in fall 2021. The latest song differs drastically from his previous releases. It’s easy to feel restless and impatient for what the limitless artist puts out next.

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Everything the artist does seems to embody the spirit of an alternative lifestyle, from songwriting to fashion. Even the moniker POORSTACY serves as a tribute to the legendary skateboarder-turned-director Stacy Peralta. A pioneer of the form, he helped establish skateboarding as a major sport in the ’70s.

“Stacy Peralta himself was not shown a lot of attention at the start, but he ended up being one of the biggest legends in skateboarding in the end,” the artist says. “I always loved the idea of that, of doing your own thing and having it pay off.”

What do you think of POORSTACY’s new song “Children Of The Dark”? Watch the video below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!