From the outrageously bright colors of neon pop punk to the classic flannel and khaki combo fans still don to this day, some fashion trends in this genre have withstood the test of time. 

While there are some things scene kids used to do that we wouldn’t dare dream of doing today, many aspects of pop-punk fashion have continued to thrive year after year.

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Here are 10 fashion trends every pop-punk kid can relate to while we continue to eat slice after slice of pizza and complain about our hometown. 


Let’s face it: Pop-punk kids were making khakis cool long before the days of Jake from State Farm. Fans of the genre are bound to have at least one pair of these bad boys tucked away in their closet. After all, it pairs so perfectly with that endless supply of flannels you have.


From the classic snapback that has become a key accessory in almost all pop-punk attire to the newly appreciated dad hat, finding the perfect headwear is sure to complete this genre-specific ensemble. True pop-punkers hold a vast collection, ready to grab whichever color and style they may need to add just the right touch to their outfit.


When something comes in every color of the rainbow and then some, can you really have too much of it? Maybe you prefer a classic black and white or you like to mix it up with colors such as red and purple, but there are really no wrong choices. Whether you choose to wear it as it’s meant to be worn or opt to tie it around your waist instead, there’s something about a flannel that just pulls the whole pop-punk look together. 

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Ah, the classic footwear of our scene. Vans is constantly staying ahead of the game with frequent launches of new collections such as National Geographic and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Don the timeless checkerboard slip-on for a quick, fashionable look or grab the well-known and wildly popular Sk8-Hi that many artists wear onstage. Whatever type of footwear you prefer, Vans has you covered. 


Another popular go-to in the footwear department is the good old Converse shoe. With so many patterns and colors to choose from, it’s no surprise that many of us have a closet full of Chuck Taylor All Stars. High top, low top or custom, there are no limits when it comes to these classics. Go ahead and match your shoes to your flannel—you know you want to.

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Skinny jeans

If you don’t wear skinny jeans, are you even pop punk? In fact, we’re pretty sure it’s written in the Pop-Punk Commandments: “Thou must don black skinnies to complain about one’s hometown.” The best part about skinny jeans is the ability to personalize them to your own style. Maybe you prefer a distressed look, paint splatters or holes in both knees. Hell, you might as well keep one of each in your closet so you can have a pair for every mood.


Not a snapback person? Or maybe you are and you simply like to mix things up now and again. Beanies are no longer just a cool way to keep your head warm—they’re a fashion accessory that are a definite must. Many of our favorite bands and artists offer beanies as part of their merch, meaning you now have another method of supporting your faves in public. Lined with fleece, different colors, fitted or slouched, we love an accessory that not only adapts to our outfit but the seasons as well.

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A pop of color

In the neon pop-punk era, band merch was an explosion of bright colors and fun fonts. While this type of merch isn’t as popular today, a pop of color can still go a long way. Black Converse, black skinnies and a black flannel can really come together with a brightly colored T-shirt or V-neck. Fun-colored shirts not your thing? Think about adding a dash of color by donning a bright pair of Chucks instead.

Pizza gear

Pop punk and pizza go together like State Champs vocalist Derek DiScanio and snapbacks—always together and a perfect fit. The genre’s love for this pop-punk pie extends beyond the realm of food, extending into accessories, apparel, song lyrics and more. We can argue all day long about whether pineapple belongs on pizza or not, but we can agree that pop punk and pizza belong together.

Basic white shirt

A must-have for every pop-punker, the basic white shirt goes with every flannel, every pair of jeans and every pair of Vans. It’s guaranteed to match whatever you have on, making it easy to grab when you’re in a time crunch. Add your own flair to it by going for a V-neck instead of a regular T-shirt—just be careful to avoid those pizza sauce stains.