Pizza and pop-punk go hand-in-hand much like peanut butter and jelly or yin and yang. It’s impossible to mention the genre without getting a mental image of snapbacks and pizza pies in your head. 

While we could debate the hot topic of pineapple or no pineapple, we’re not here to judge. Create your idea of the perfect pizza and we’ll give you a pop-punk track to pair it with.

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More on pop-punk

If you’re looking for an extra dose of pop-punk perfection to go along with seconds, look no further. Pittsburgh-based five-piece Lotus Kid teamed up with AltPress to share a fiery new video for “Self Worth.” Taken from the band’s latest Wasting Away EP released in June 2018, the track homes in on heartache while still maintaining the importance of moving on.

Vocalist Mike O’Toole pulled the inspiration from his own tumultuous relationship. The frontman based lyrics on his partner of seven years cheating on him with his best friend and former drummer.

“[The song] is about my reaction to hearing I was cheated on toward the end of a seven-year relationship,” O’Toole shares. “Although I was giving more time to playing music than to my partner, I felt blindsided. I was completely dumbfounded it could ever happen to me.” 

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The track came together for the band—O’Toole, guitarist/vocalist Stephen Shriane, guitarist Zack Ethridge, bassist/vocalist Doug Kirkwood Jr and drummer Jess Scutella—with the frontman stating it “pretty much wrote itself.” The pieces began to fall into place during the first writing session without the unnamed drummer.

“During our first writing session without him, our guitarist Zack sat down at the kit while I noodled on a guitar,” O’Toole says. “Fifteen minutes later, ‘Self Worth’ unintentionally became a song. I was just venting lyrics on the fly as if I was having a conversation about how my life was going.”

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Just like the song, the video took shape with videographer Zac Bianco on as director. Set against muted tones and fire-scorched messages, the band wanted to focus on the song’s dark and gloomy feel. Despite this, it was also important to give hope.

“The video reflects on how dark my world was for years after the incident while underlining that I’m still here doing my thing,” O’Toole says.

The latest video follows previous releases in “Heavy Minded” and “Tiny New Bedroom.” Check out the new video for “Self Worth” here and their full Wasting Away EP here.