Even though one’s time spent in high school is mostly hated, we bet you had some killer songs on repeat. From driving around your shitty hometown all evening with your best friends to beer-pong tournaments on a Friday night, we’re here to remind you of some of the pop-punk songs that may have soundtracked your high school years. Check out our list below. 

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1. A Day To Remember – “All Signs Point To Lauderdale”

A Day To Remember gave us the “I hate this town” pop-punk hit “All Signs Point To Lauderdale” in 2011, and it’s been a fan favorite ever since. The fiery track can be found on their fourth album, What Separates Me From You, which was produced by another pop-punk icon, Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory

2. The Wonder Years – “Came Out Swinging”

The opening track off 2011’s Suburbia I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing continues to be one of the best the Wonder Years songs to date. “Came Out Swinging” digs into the “What’s next?” and “Where am I going with my life?” questions that every 18-year-old drowns in while the music backed by Dan “Soupy” Campbell’s vocals matches the title perfectly.

3. Real Friends – “I’ve Given Up On You”

Real Friends began grabbing attention with the release of their 2013 EP, Put Yourself Back Together, with a partial thanks to the standout “I’ve Given Up On You.” Taking one right back to being a heartsick teenager, “I’ve Given Up On You” has proven to stand the test of time already, as it’s just as relatable as the first time you heard it. 

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4. The Story So Far – “Quicksand”

“Quicksand” was the first single from the Story So Far’s debut Under Soil And Dirt. The track introduced listeners to the angst-filled vocals from frontman Parker Cannon that hooked us from the start. With fantastic beats and guitar riffs backing his temper, “Quicksand” gave every teenager their favorite “having a bad day” anthem. 

5. Knuckle Puck – “No Good”

“No Good” can be found on 2013’s The Weight That You Buried EP from the Chicago pop-punk act Knuckle Puck. This track contained a nice emo-to-pop-punk mixture, pulling in fans from both genres. It reflected a Wonder Years sound, with Joe Taylor’s vocals giving listeners flashbacks of painful memories of young heartbreaks. 

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6. blink-182 – “Up All Night”

blink-182 are one of those bands you never stopped spinning, no matter how old the album, thanks to their constant themes of love, youth and endless summers. Once 2011 hit, we could finally give some of those older albums a break. blink released their sixth full-length, Neighborhoods, their first new album in eight years and last with Tom DeLonge. “Up All Night” was the first single fans had the pleasure of hearing, adding blink-182 to yet another generation’s high school soundtrack. 

7. Man Overboard – “Dead End Dreams”

In 2011, Man Overboard released their self-titled second full-length with producer Steve Klein (ex-New Found Glory). “Dead End Dreams” is rife with innocence and young heartbreak, complete with a gang-vocal chorus done right. This lead single from Man Overboard is one that we just can’t seem to stop spinning all these years later. 

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8. Modern Baseball – “Your Graduation”

“Your Graduation” was one of the many incredible tracks that Modern Baseball gifted us with on their second album, You’re Gonna Miss It All. Centering around the constant ache a lost love leaves, it’s always an appropriate song to have on standby, no matter what part of your life you find yourself in. 

9. Neck Deep – “A Part Of Me” (feat. Laura Whiteside)

Neck Deep released their debut EP, Rain In July, in 2012, introducing the world to a band who would soon become pop-punk favorites. “A Part Of Me” echoed on every teenager’s car stereo after running into an ex who you swore you’d never get over. Good thing you were wrong. This track hears Ben Barlow saving us with his achy vocals layered over an acoustic guitar, making for a tune that never grows old. 

10. State Champs – “Elevated”

“Elevated” was the first song off the debut record from State Champs, The Finer Things. “Elevated” introduced us to the New York pop-punk act, with classic themes found throughout the genre encased on the album. The Finer Things is a prime example of the early 2010s pop punk that we still can’t get enough of due to its timeless sound themes. 

Which pop-punk song got you through high school? Let us know in the comments below!