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QUIZ: Can you tell which hometown these pop-punk artists are singing about?

Hometown pride runs deep, especially when it comes to pop punk. Whether our favorite artists sing with fond remembrance or a deep-rooted desire to get the hell out, it’s clear that their origins have shaped them pretty profoundly.

While it’s easy to assume that every outfit have roots in Chicago, Los Angeles or New York City, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the mainstream scene has a pretty extensive spread.

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Take the quiz below to see if you can match these pop-punk icons to the hometowns they’re singing about.

More on Paramore

One of the most prominent acts to rise from the 2000s pop-punk scene, Paramore have had fire underfoot since their debut. Prior to the band’s formation, vocalist Hayley Williams was signed to Atlantic Records as a solo pop artist. However, wanting to jump on the rising pop-punk wave, she successfully pushed the label in a different direction, and the band we know and love were born.

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Paramore, titled after the maiden name of one of the founding members’ mothers, first came onto the scene in 2005. While their debut album, All We Know Is Falling, didn’t gain immediate traction, it quickly became a fan favorite following their rise in popularity and was eventually certified gold.

The band really hit their stride with the release of their sophomore record, Riot!, in 2007. Boasting upbeat, powerful tracks such as “Misery Business” and “crushcrushcrush,” the album quickly catapulted them into mainstream radio success. Today, these aforementioned songs, along with “That’s What You Get,” still rank among the top 10 most popular tracks on Spotify

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In addition to their strong foundation, the band have immense talent and a propensity for well-guided progression. So, it’s no surprise that Paramore are still a powerhouse to this day despite a shape-shifting scene and a number of lineup changes. Following Riot!the band have released three studio albums: Brand New Eyes, Paramore and After Laughter.

Over the course of their tenure, they’ve evolved from a purely pop-punk outfit to something much more genre-fluid. Best described now as alternative rock, their style pulls various elements of indie and pop rock.

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As of 2020, Williams finally recognized her potential as a solo artist with the release of her album, Petals For ArmorA side project to Paramore, the record allowed the vocalist to stray into an experimental pop realm with dynamic synth accents. The latest iteration of this venture is due Dec. 18 with the release of her home-recorded EP, Petals For Armor: Self-Serenades. You can presave the EP here.