Jan. 1 marks the official end to the whirlwind year that was 2020. And it’s also a day to celebrate one of the most complex and sophisticated artists of our time: Poppy

In 2020, Poppy was a gift, releasing a couple of albums, covers, a Christmas EP and a graphic novel. She’s even nominated for Best Metal Performance at the 2021 Grammys for “BLOODMONEY.” 

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In honor of her 26th birthday, we thought we’d determine which Poppy song best matches your personality. You can figure that out based on your zodiac sign below.

Aries – “I Disagree” 

Aries is a fiery sign known for having quite an energetic personality. They can be explosive, especially when they’re mad, and would likely make a declaration to “let it all burn down” when referencing something they hate. Poppy also happens to give off major angry Aries vibes in the video. 

Taurus – “Don’t Ask” 

Tauruses are inherently warmhearted, but they can also be set in their ways. They embody the attitude of this track, where Poppy tells her listeners to not ask her about things that have happened in the past because she won’t talk about them. It's a declaration a Taurus would make when people try to bring up events in their past, particularly when they made a mistake. 

Gemini – “Concrete” 

Geminis get a bad reputation for being two-faced. But it’s because they are multidimensional and have a wide variety of interests. They’re the type of people who have two moods that are completely opposite, such as the contrasting sounds in “Concrete.” This song drastically switches from a bubblegum-pop sound to a death-metal vibe in an instant, which is total Gemini energy. 

Cancer – “Choke”  

Cancers have a tendency to give a lot of themselves to others, particularly in relationships, which can be suffocating after a while. When they become overwhelmed, they might start to feel like the emotion behind this song, like they’re choking because they can’t keep their head above water. While Poppy uses the imagery of angels and demons, turning to their belief system and remembering their core values can help Cancers come to terms with the trials and tribulations of life. 

Leo – “Play Destroy” (feat. Grimes)

Leos are known for meaning business and being powerful. “Play Destroy” featuring Grimes is all about having power, though Poppy talks about using it to destroy capitalism. Leos embody this because they won’t stop until they get what they want, especially if they’re doing something for someone else, even if that means plowing through an entire city. 

Virgo – “Khaos x4” 

Virgos can be worriers. And when that sets in, the voice in their head can start to sound like this song. It can be so overwhelming that they feel like they’re drowning in the chaos. And Virgos usually keep to themselves. So their peers probably wouldn’t be able to tell what's going on in their head at any given moment. 

Libra – “X” 

Libras can be indecisive and flip-flop between two different things often, just like Poppy does musically in “X.” Like “Concrete,” the track switches from pop verses to metal choruses. Because like a Libra, she just couldn’t pick one. 

Scorpio – “BLOODMONEY” 

Scorpios are known for being the best at revenge, and the chorus of “BLOODMONEY” is all about telling someone to beg for mercy. The song sounds like a mantra a Scorpio would repeat to their victim before going in for the kill. And it reminds us that we should never, under any circumstances, cross a Scorpio. 

Sagittarius – “Scary Mask” (feat. FEVER 333)

Most know Sagittarius for being fiercely independent and always outspoken, so they’d be proud to wear their “scary mask” as Poppy proclaims in the song. Even though people might not agree or understand them, a Sagitarrius will always be themselves. They just can’t help it. 

Capricorn – “If It Bleeds” 

Capricorns can be cold and don’t like anything that stands in the way of them accomplishing their goals. The chorus of “If It Bleeds” sounds exactly like what an annoyed Capricorn would say because they don’t care as much about emotions—they care more about getting the job done. 

Aquarius – “Fill The Crown” 

Fill The Crown” is all about escaping control and being yourself, which is the life motto of a cool and independent Aquarius. Also, despite the chaos in the song, the chorus stays consistent, which represents an Aquarius well because they're able to remain calm in times of turmoil. 

Pisces – “Moshi Moshi” 

Pisces have a tendency to cling to escapism and have their head in the clouds, like this bubblegum-pop track that Poppy wrote as an ode to Japan. It’s lighthearted and all about just saying hello to a friend, which is likely something a Pisces would write a song about.