Multi-genre renaissance artist Poppy has partnered with WWE and Sumerian Records to release the new surprise five-song EP, EAT (NXT Soundtrack). Like professional wrestling, the new EP is loud, chaotic and all-around one hell of a good time.

Poppy has continually reinvented her sound since she first came onto the scene, and EAT is the product of years of musical growth. Listeners may be surprised to see the grammy-nominated artist headed into the same sphere as the likes of nefarious chairman Vince McMahon, but true fans should see such a partnership as a normal development. The artist was featured on WWE so often since 2020, she’s been written into the wrestlers' drama and routines.

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EAT puts out the exact sound and energy you could expect from a suplex-heavy highlight reel. While Poppy has released albums ranging from ambient dreamscapes to electronic hyper-pop, the past year has been filled with heavy metal performances. To put an end to her I Disagree era, the artist performed “The Last Disagreement,” a livestream concert on April 24.

The opening track and namesake “EAT” sets the EP off with a pushy drum beat and fuzzy guitar feedback. The enigmatic singer then begins ebbing back-and-forth between filtered screaming and singing. “My brain is poisonous/my body is a mess,” the artist belts in the chorus. You can watch the singer-songwriter perform the single at the 2021 Grammy Awards here.

The second track on EAT is “Say Cheese,” which Poppy performed at NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver in early April. The heavier-than-hell second track features chugging guitars with enough distortion for Slipknot. Layered over the scorching instrumentals are clean vocals, dreamy yet powerful enough to be reminiscent of Evanescence.

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The new EP was released by Sumerian Records and features “Dark Dark World.” The track will appear as the new theme song for the pay-per-view event NXT Takeover: In Your House, set to air June 13 exclusively on Peacock. Enthusiasm for the partnership has been expressed by Sumerian records and WWE executives, as well as Poppy and wrestling fans.

“NXT is all about individuality and building characters,” WWE executive vice president Paul Levesque said in a press release. “And Poppy has built her own brand in a similar fashion to become the world-renowned artist she is today. Releasing her new EP EAT – NXT SOUNDTRACK during NXT adds another unique layer to our longstanding relationship.”

Sumerian founder and CEO Ash Avildsen also expressed his enthusiasm.

“Not since Cyndi Lauper and the birth of Wrestlemania have we seen an iconic female rock star and pro wrestling collide in such a culturally fascinating way,” Avildsen says. “This is a historical moment for Sumerian, an inspiring story for the new generation of WWE fans and a glimpse into the future of what’s to come from the brilliant mind and vision of Poppy.” 

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Having directed alternative classics like American Satan and its spinoff Paradise City, it’s easy to see why the Sumerian executive is so enthusiastic about the collaboration. 

Even NXT founder and iconic WWE wrestler Triple-H took to Twitter to show support for the partnership. “You can hear her sound on each episode,” the icon wrote in a Tweet. “@poppy is #NXTLOUD… Poppy is #WWENXT!!!!” 

Poppy already solidified herself as an institution within WWE. She hasn't just played numerous shows on the network; she also announced wrestler lo Shirai’s return to the ring. Scores of musicians have been featured on the program, but it’s the ones who do so from within the ring that truly deserve to write the soundtrack for a new generation of professional wrestlers.

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