Poppy recently split with her former partner and creative collaborator Titanic Sinclair over alleged mental abuse and now she's standing up to him again after she says he's been releasing photos of her and leaking demos.

In the video discussing what's been happening, she doesn't mention Sinclair by name but says denounces the actions of an "ex boyfriend" with access to personal music and photos.

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Recently, Poppy has been sharing videos of herself putting on makeup she feels is helping build her confidence. From the post she shared discussing the issues she's been facing, it's clear this is something that's been a problem in the past.

"My ex boyfriend would always tell me I looked ugly without makeup on and I should never been seen without it," she writes.

"Making these makeup videos has not only helped me feel more comfortable in my skin, but I want to encourage other people that are being constantly put down in a similar way that it's ok to love yourself + your skin."

She continues by saying the person releasing the photos is an attempt to make her feel insecure with herself.

"That person is releasing photos of me without makeup (and blonde hair) plus very personal demos that only he has. This is an attempt to make me feel small, insecure and exposed."

Poppy concludes by saying: "Those tactics aren't going to work. I am proud of my bare face and I am happy I no longer feel the way I did I chose not to release those demos for personal reasons. I no longer have that choice as it was taken from me, so hope you enjoy. Love all my fans and thank you for all the support."

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In lighter news from Poppy, she's also released a quick cover of the Pokémon theme song complete with a custom card of herself. The card has references to her song "Bloodmoney" as well as "Concrete." You can check that out below.


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What do you think of Poppy discussing the issues she's facing from her ex causing issues for her career? Let us know in the comments below.

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