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Poppy, WILLOW and Softcult are our tracks of the week

Welcome to Sound Station, where we’re highlighting the best new tracks that came out this week. Head into the weekend with songs from Poppy, WILLOW and more.

Poppy’s “FYB” is a punk-rock middle finger to an unfaithful partner

Poppy’s latest single “FYB” is a pissed-off blast of intense punk-rock energy with double-time drums, frantic guitars and defiant lyrics. “FYB” takes aim at an unfaithful partner, with Poppy getting her sonic revenge with lines such as “You wanna go out and fuck the world/Yeah, fuck the world/But it’ll fuck you back.” Poppy absolutely slays, and by the end, you’ll in no way envy the person the song is about. “FYB” is the first taste of Poppy’s upcoming EP, Stagger, out Oct. 14. —Alessandro DeCaro

WILLOW’s in her element on “curious/furious”

A divert from her typical elated pop-punk sound, WILLOW favors gritty punk riffs and an always impressive vocal range that knows no bounds but still leaves you surprised. Lyrically, “curious/furious” lives up to its title, with a juxtaposition of frustration and isolation, also mirrored in the changing pace of the song itself. Something to scream in the car after a bad day. —Yasmine Summan

Softcult could soundtrack your favorite teen rom-com with “One Of A Million”

In the past, Softcult have been likened to Deftones or early 2000s slow metal. This track is a refreshing change, with the flourishing guitars bringing a burst of life into what could’ve easily been a song in a noughties teen rom-com. Hilary Duff, if you’re thinking of a Lizzie Mcguire Movie reboot and want to enlist musicians for your soundtrack, look no further. —Yasmine Summan

Future Teens open up about social media anxiety with “Smile With Your Teeth”

As Boston’s premier “bummer-pop” band, Future Teens deliver a wistful, country folk-tinged pop anthem about social media anxiety with “Smile with Your Teeth.” It’s a standout from their new LP, Self Help, and highlights the four-piece’s sweet vocal harmonies. —Ilana Kaplan

Izzy Spears gets shamelessly blunt with “BAD NEWS”

Izzy Spears is an artist with a vision. As a member of Anonymous Club, a collective founded by Hood By Air’s Shayne Oliver, Spears is stepping out with his own solo material in glorious fashion. With “BAD NEWS,” the artist conjures up a more mellow beat that allows his shamelessly upfront lyrics to shine. Fans of Yves Tumor, Blood Orange and Arca will want to stick around for his debut EP, Monstar, arriving Nov. 11. —Neville Hardman

Wet Leg give Ashnikko their flowers with “Daisy” cover

Wet Leg never fail to leave you with a stupid grin and an urge to headbang. Known for their quirky approaches to songs, as with the viral “Chaise Longue,” this Spotify Single could be their own track and you’d never know. Swapping out electronic samples for racing guitars, the bubbly energy in this track isn’t lost. A perfect fit for the band. —Yasmine Summan

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Eddie” is a vibey tribute to the late Eddie Van Halen

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ latest single “Eddie” will tug at your heartstrings, offering a touching tribute to the late Eddie Van Halen. The song feels like the closest throwback we’ve gotten to the classic By The Way sound in nearly two decades, with introspective lyrics courtesy of vocalist Anthony Kiedis, vibey atmospherics and the complementary melodic trade-offs between guitarist John Frusciante and bassist Flea. Frusciante, who rejoined the band in 2019 after a lengthy hiatus, feels right back at home within the band, offering an epic and abstract guitar solo. “Eddie” arrives ahead of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ second album of 2022, Return of the Dream Canteen, out Oct. 14. —Alessandro DeCaro

Big Joanie’s “Confident Man” zeroes in on toxic masculinity and gender imbalances

A track that will resonate with many, Big Joanie share the burdens of toxic masculinity and gender imbalances in our society with a climactic, guitar-lead track. The lyrics “Smile and wave/Am I pretty enough for you yet?/Existing to be pretty on the internet” hits home for many of us who feel the crushing pressure of beauty standards. —Yasmine Summan

 Alex G’s “Immunity” is a drug-laced hyperpop ballad 

On “Immunity,” from Alex G’s new album God Save The Animals, the experimental indie-pop artist invites you into the strangest corners of his psyche. The song is centered around a delicate, discordant piano arrangement, accompanied by interspersed banjo parts and pitch-shifted, Auto-Tuned vocals. The lyrics are right out of a psychedelic trip, with Alex G singing, “I have to put the cocaine in the vaccine/Walk out of the doctor with immunity/Life of revelation catching up with me.” While the underlying message is hard to decipher, its ambiguity makes it even more compelling. Alex G is a master at combining nonsensical lyrics and bizarre ramblings with catchy melodies to create a great deal of emotion. “Immunity” is a shining example of avant-garde experimentation done right. —Alessandro DeCaro

Margo Price has a “Change of Heart”

Ahead of her new album Strays, Margo Price shared an equally spooky and psychedelic-rock anthem with “Change of Heart.” On the bluesy anthem, Price reaches a point of unwavering acceptance after confronting the chaos in front of her: “I quit trying to change your mind/I had a change of heart,” she declares. —Ilana Kaplan

gigi’s “Glue” will make you feel things

Fans of Julien Baker, Haley Heynderickx and Snail Mail will want to get acquainted with gigi. With her new single “Glue,” the Brooklyn singer-songwriter loops in intricate metaphors and heartbreak across the five-minute track, with the song acting as a way for gigi to grieve the death of her older sister. Ultimately, “Glue” embodies the spate of emotions that accompany deep, unfathomable loss. —Neville Hardman