There is truly no other artist who's doing it quite like Poppy

After parting ways with her former collaborative partner, she’s completely transformed as an artist and is making music her own way. 

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While she’s definitely heavily influenced by both metal and pop, there really isn’t a genre that perfectly describes Poppy’s sound. She’s even said before that it's up to the listener to decide which genre her songs are, as she’s been making music with “no rules.” It’s a thing of its own, in the most beautiful way.

In honor of Poppy gracing the cover of the latest issue of Alternative Press, we decided to recognize 10 times she proved that genres don’t really exist.

“Khaos x4”

This bonus track off the deluxe edition of her latest release, I Disagree (more), is a prime example of how Poppy constantly blends rock, metal, electronic and pop seamlessly in one song. The track has pop-influenced choruses and harmonies paired with chaotic electric guitars that make it explosive.

“Sit / Stay”

One technique Poppy has developed is the ability to pair beautiful vocals with hard, industrial-like instrumentals. The combo relaxes you and makes you feel like you’re going crazy at the same time. This song also shows off how she's able to easily transition from loud, hard elements into softer, melodic parts without missing a beat. 


This track has a lot going on, from an almost trap-like bassline to heavily edited vocals that completely transform how she sounds. Just listen to the part where she takes on a demonic baby voice and try to fit that into one genre. It’s impossible. 

“I Disagree”

Poppy once said she makes music that makes people feel like badasses, and there’s no better song that exemplifies that than “I Disagree.” This track is obviously metal-influenced, but the catchy chorus makes it a thing of its own. We think “badass music” is the closest thing we’ll get to a genre for her. 

“Moshi Moshi”

OK, now actually play this song right after you listen to “I Disagree”—it sounds like two different artists. This 2017 track is straight-up bubblegum pop. It could be a Katy Perry song. Only Poppy has this kind of range. 

“Play Destroy” (feat. Grimes)

This Am I A Girl? song works particularly well because both Grimes and Poppy are able to sing in the softest, baby-like voices ever over some straight-up industrial instrumentals. The chorus almost sounds like a creepy nursery rhyme, but the guitar and drums fall more in line with a Metallica track. 

“Scary Mask” (feat. FEVER 333)

This FEVER 333 collab is really a match made in heaven, and the song solidified that Poppy knows what’s up with metal music that goes hard. It’s actually pretty impossible to listen to this song off her Choke EP and successfully resist the urge to start raging. And while it definitely is a metal track, it's got Poppy's signature vocals that make it something all its own. 


This track shows Poppy’s genius in taking inspiration not only from different genres but general sounds of pop culture. The chorus sounds like a commercial jingle for a candy brand—but the most demonic commercial of all time. Even the end of the track takes a turn, and it almost sounds like she’s singing a catchy country radio song. It’s truly a song you have to hear to understand. 


This throwback track off her Bubblebath EP was definitely in the midst of Poppy’s pop phase, but it epitomizes that she’s been genre-bending all along. The beat is pretty reggae-influenced and sounds like something that would be played on a pop radio station.

“All The Things She Said”

Poppy’s take on this t.A.T.u. hit sounds like something Evanescence would have done with it. It has a high-tempo electro-pop beat but a chorus that belongs in a rock ballad.

Poppy dropped her third full-length, I Disagree, in January and the deluxe version in August. Both are packed full of genre-bending tracks that are works of art. You can listen to the new album here.

Poppy is the cover star of the latest edition of Alternative Press, alongside her fiancé Ghostemane, who's also gearing up to release an album. You can read more about the issue and pick up your own copy here