Poppy has opened up in an interview about her switch to heavier music and made some comments about Marilyn Manson and her cult.

She first started talking on the Build show about her music being much heavier.

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“When I was making pop music, it was harder,” she said. “But now after my song ‘X,’ I think it’s easier to make music.”

She said she likes heavier music because “you can hide meaning within it.”

Poppy then went into discussing her relationship with Manson, which she clarified was solely professional and not romantic. She was asked if Manson was a part of her cult, and was vague with her response.

“I don't know you have to ask him,” she said.

She then talked about her love for bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach and more. She also talked about her friendship with FEVER 333 and their collab “Scary Mask.”

You can see Poppy’s entire interview down below.

Speaking of “Scary Mask,” you can see the video for the chilling, yet high-energy pop-rock track down below. The song’s music video gives a horror-inspired backstory corresponding fittingly to the album art.

Back in Jan., Poppy dropped her song “Voicemail” with an extremely creepy and fascinating video we simply couldn’t stop watching.

“This was the first music video that we’ve done just us two together, we usually get some help but we wanted to see if we could make something magic,” Poppy says in an interview with Forbes. “My favorite lyric is probably in the first verse, the one about “Blood on my necklace and blood on my clothes.””

You can check out the video below!

Poppy shared that she is releasing her own graphic novel come July called Genesis 1. The graphic novel is said to answer many burning secrets about Poppy and her origin story.

Additionally, she announced she will be releasing an album this year. In the interview, she says “post-genre” describes the type of music she believes she is currently making.

What do you think about Poppy’s genre shift? Sound off in the comments below!

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