Poppy is back with another set of stunning visuals through a new music video for her track "Sit / Stay."

The singer is revealing a creepy video for the track that sees her as a naked, bald figure trapped in a cushioned room spliced between shots of her regular old self.

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She's been steadily dropping stunning clips for songs off of her latest album I Disagree including "Bloodmoney," "I Disagree" and "Anything Like Me."

Earlier this month, a new app called Jadu was developed allowing people to jam out with their favorite artists through augmented reality. Poppy is included in the list of musicians on that app alongside Palaye RoyaleVic Mensa, Pussy Riot and Sir Chloe. More musicians are expected to be included in the near future.

For a foreseeable future, that may be the only way to see Poppy perform as her upcoming tour dates have been canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. For now, her tour schedule opening for Deftones and Gojira is still set to go.

Now though, she's back with a new video to watch.

Then, she shared teaser clips in the days leading up to the official release.

You can check out the new music video below.

What do you think of the new Poppy video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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