A couple of months ago, Post Malone announced he was starting his own cannabis company which it appears he is looking to expand.

The rapper's company, Shaboink, is partnering with famed cannabis cultivator Mario Guzman's brand Sherbinskis and Icon Farms to create a line of hemp pre-rolls.

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For those who don't recognize Guzman, the cannabis mogul is known for the "Gelato" cannabis line which has been name-dropped by numerous artists and in popular culture. His company, Sherbinski, has also been called "The Louis Vuitton of Marijuana" by Forbes.

Icon Farms partners with local farms throughout the Mid West and West Coast of the U.S. They also have a production facility in New York and headquarters in Los Angeles.

The individually wrapped pre-rolls only contain trace amounts of THC since they're made with hemp flower instead of cannabis.

"The combination of our inventive product development, operations management, and solid market presence, paired with the loyal fanbase both Shaboink and Sherbinskis command, has created an unprecedented national platform for a new era in American Grown Hemp. We are proud to play a hand in pioneering this ground-breaking opportunity," explains Jordan Gielchinsky, president of Icon Farms.

Cannabis is still federally illegal in the U.S., but hemp recently went through a change in regulation. It will be legal to cultivate, process and sell as of Jan 1, 2020.

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"The hemp pre-rolls are enhanced with proprietary terpene flavor profiles -- Shaboink 'Posty OG' and Sherbinskis 'Gelato' -- and are manufactured using only American Grown Hemp, plant-derived terpenes and water," a press release announcing the partnership says.

Post Malone said in a statement he was "proud to bring a natural hemp product by Shaboink to market. It’s a product I personally love and know my fans will too.”

“Our partners are best in class and so is this product. The terpene flavors are great, and you can’t beat an all-natural pre-roll,” says Malone.

The company will be distributing through Greenlane and will be available at over 7000 independent shops and 11,000 chain stores.

What do you think of Post Malone expanding his business ventures in the cannabis industry? Let us know in the comments below.

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