Post Malone live performance videos spark fan concern over well-being

Fans are very concerned about the health of Post Malone. The immensely talented rapper is currently on the second leg of his Runaway tour

Recently, fans have been sharing videos of our beloved Posty exhibiting strange behavior such as slurring his words, rolling his eyes back, stumbling and other things. The recent live performances show a stark difference between those in the past. 

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Post Malone dominated much of 2019 and is still going strong in 2020. The genre-blending rapper and singer dropped a massive album in Hollywood’s Bleeding, starred in a Super Bowl commercial, collaborated twice with Ozzy Osbourne, and has been selling out tour dates left and right. 

However, fans have no been sharing some potentially disturbing videos of Post Malone’s recent behavior. Many are speculating that Post Malone may have a substance abuse problem and that we need to support him in any way we can. 

It started when one fan posted a compilation of videos showcasing some odd Post Malone behavior. The videos included contain him interacting with fans, falling down and generally giving off the impression that he’s not okay. 

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You can’t sit there and tell me that this is normal behaviour from Post, it’s not and the man needs help before something bad happens to him. Whether it’s alcohol or drugs, he’s not using them for fun anymore, he’s abusing them. it’s too much now, people are worried. #postmalone

Since then, other fans have shared their own thoughts and videos of Posty. Collectively, many fans are very worried about his health and well-being. See some other reactions below. 

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Whether Post Malone is simply putting his heart and soul into each performance or if something is sincerely the matter, we hope very much that he is better than okay. The man has impacted so many lives for the better.

UPDATE: MARCH 7, 12:16 P.M. ET: Post Malone says he’s “not on drugs” following fan concern. See the statement here.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, there is help to be found. Please consider these online resources:
FEND: Full Energy No Drugs anti-opioid initiative
SAMHSA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
KPF – Kyle Pavone Foundation

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