Rapper Post Malone is known for doing cross-genre collaborations and incorporating various genres into his own music. But did you know he's also into metal music?

Well, during a new interview with Joe Rogan, the duo got high and decided to talk about goblin metal. In particular, Malone references the goblin metal group Nekrogoblikon.

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Over the years, Malone has shown his love for both rock and metal music. Earlier this year, a video surfaced of the rapper screaming along to Pantera's "Walk." He was also apparently a guitarist in a metal band. As well, he auditioned for Crown The Empire back in the day and has collaborated with Black Sabbath legend Ozzy Osbourne.

Now, Malone is diving even further into his knowledge of metal music. He recently sat down for an interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. For almost four hours, the duo smoked and talked about a range of topics including his career and the goblin metal group Nekrogoblikon.

For those that don't know, Nekrogoblikon is a California-based band that formed in 2006. Their music is a hybrid of both death metal and other rock influences. However, all of the vocals are clean and involve devilish sneers and gritty tones. As well, their music is centered around goblins. One member is always wearing a goblin mask and hands while the rest of the band are in plain clothes.

Nekrogoblikon have independently released almost all of their albums, making them a fixture in the underground metal scene.

Somehow during the near four-hour podcast, Malone's mind drifts to Nekrogoblikon. The rapper asks host Joe Rogan if he's ever heard of the group. Unsurprisingly, of course, Rogan says he's not familiar with the band. This leads to Malone talking about the goblin metal band before asking the producers to pull up pictures and videos of Nekrogoblikon.

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"It's like a metal band, but the lead singer is a goblin. It's incredible," he says.

Posty then goes on to reference Nekrogoblikon's video "No One Survives." However, the producers pull up the wrong video during the podcast.

"His biggest song is he has a normal job and he has a crush on this girl, but she's in love with this douchebag from this office," he says.

Outside of his fascination for goblin metal, Posty is currently working on his next album. Earlier this month, he revealed that the record is inspired by the current times amid the coronavirus pandemic. As well, Malone and his management are reportedly planning to start a world beer pong league.

For those that have some free time, the four hour Post Malone interview on the Joe Rogan Experience is available to watch below.

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