A Post Malone fan has given the beloved rapper a makeover. Facebook page, Post Malone Brazil photoshopped the rapper’s face to portray what he would look like without his recognizable tattoos.

Additionally, the Photoshop expert decided to smooth out Malone’s hair, trading his iconic curly locks for a slick undercut.

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According to some of the comments, fans think that Posty without tattoos looks similar to Chris Pine. Check out the photos of Malone with and without face tattoos below.

However, while some fans seem to like Malone’s photoshopped look, we like the rapper just the way he is – tattoos and all.

That said, despite what you may be thinking, Post Malone’s face tattoos haven’t always been there. The Texan rapper decided to get “Always Tired” tattooed under his eyes in July of last year. Additionally, his “Stay Away” tattoo was done back in 2017, according to NME.

According to his Instagram, the first face tattoo for the rapper was a small smiley face with “X eyes” on his upper cheek.


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When asked why he chose face tattoos, the rapper told Tim Westwood TV that he would do “anything to piss his mom off.”

“I have a face for radio, so why the fuck not,” Malone says of his face tattoos. “I figured it makes me interesting. I live in Salt Lake City now so I like to piss off the Mormons and ride around and make all the old people mad.”

Recently, a video of a 40-year-old man dancing to Post Malone’s “Wow.” has gone viral. According to PopSugar, the dancing genius is none other than Florida resident, Mike Alancourt. Check out the video of the man busting out his impressive moves below.


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Which is your favorite face tattoo of Post Malone’s? Sound off in the comments below.

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