To say the last few months have been rough for Post Malone would be a severe understatement. In late August, the rapper boarded a private jet that was forced to make an emergency landing after its tires blew out. Soon after hitting safety, the rapper took to Twitter to take aim at his haters.

As if that’s not crazy enough, he was in a car crash weeks later and the target of a robbery. Plus he may or may not actually be cursed.

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Malone previously discussed the incident with TMZ soon after the plane safely landed. Known for having a myriad of face tattoos, TMZ jokingly asked if he was going to be adding some new airplane-inspired ink.

“Fuck it, why not?” he asks. “Right next to my Panic! At The Disco tattoo.”

Malone is referring to a joke presenter Jimmy Fallon made the previous night when introducing Panic! At The Disco for their VMAs performance. Fallon suggests it was going to inspire Malone‘s next tattoo.

It’s clearly all good though as Malone was one of the few to get what Panic! were handing out during their performance.

Now, Malone is chatting with Billboard about the scary flying incident that started it all. Malone kicks off the interview by saying he’s “terrified of flying in the first place,” so he typically forces himself to fall asleep. However, this time he wasn’t tired.

Malone explains a censor malfunctioned, so they turned around and landed, a fact that had not been discussed until now. After taking off a second time, they heard a loud, concerning noise.

“The second time it took off, right as soon as we took off, we heard this big ass pop, and we were like, ‘What the hell is that?’” Malone explains. “Shit started coming in from underneath the table and shit—this can’t be good. I’m fucking freaked out.”

Malone says the flight attendant tried to assure the passengers it would be fine while also explaining they popped a tire and had too much fuel to land. The plane flew around for four hours to burn the fuel, which Malone thinks made it even worse.

“You know, you figure if something was going to happen, it’d just get it over with like a band-aid,” he says. “But just the fucking anxiety of ‘this is fucked.’ That was the worst part.”

Malone says he wasn’t aware the plane’s wing was also affected, having been blown in half at some point during their trip. After all of this, however, he believes many may still think he’s blowing it out of proportion.

“It’s easy to look at it like, ‘Oh, he’s just overreacting,’” Malone says. “That shit was scary. It’s tough stuff, but we made it.”

Check out the full interview below.

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