Post Malone and Swae Lee’s “Sunflower” might be one of our favorite tracks on the Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse soundtrack, but it wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place.

The song is featured at the beginning of the movie when the character meets Miles, and it turns out “Sunflower” was actually a second choice, writers Rodney Rothman and Phil Lord revealed to Vulture.

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“We had this idea that if he sang a song that was out of his register, it would make the audience laugh,” they said. “It got a big laugh in the preview screening a year ago, but there was one problem: The song we initially used was the Donald Glover song ‘Redbone.’”

Unfortunately, Get Out used a similar tactic when it introduced Daniel Kaluuya’s character with the same song playing.

“It was critical that the song gag landed. We had a feeling it was because people knew the song, and they knew how he was messing it up,” the writers continue.  

“We were in big trouble when we couldn’t use it anymore — we needed to replace one of the greatest songs of the year, and we had to do it in time to spend the three months we would need to animate that shot.”

They then set on the Post Malone/Swae Lee hit we know and love. The writers added that using “Sunflower” added a metaphor that Miles is singing a song that he’s too young for. They say this metaphor continues throughout the movie.

“He’s going to be asked to step into shoes that he feels he’s not ready for, he’s not going to know the words, and he’s going to feel very self-conscious and nervous about that,” they said.

While we love “Redbone,” we can’t say we aren’t happy to hear more Post Malone whenever possible.

What do you think about “Sunflower” almost not being in the movie? Sound off in the comments!

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