Rapper Post Malone recently worked with Noisey on The People vs. Post Malone to read Youtube comments on the video for his hit song, "White Iverson."

Check out what fans had to say and how he responded below!

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"White Iverson" was the hit single from Post Malone's debut album Stoney. The single peaked at No. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 while the video has over 350 million views on Youtube and millions upon millions of comments.

A majority of the comments Malone read included comments about his looks including calling him a "fatty," saying he looks like Shia LaBeouf along with saying he looks like "Bobby from Jimmy Neutron."

He laughed at a majority of these comments and shrugged them off but the comment saying he looked like Bobby had him really confused.

"Is he talking about Bolbi? That's really rude, I don't even look like Bolbi. He was the funniest Jimmy Neutron character though." said Malone with a smile on his face followed by laughter from the entire Noisey crew.

Another comment on the video said that Post Malone invented the dab along with a time reference in the video when Malone is seen dabbing.

"First taught me to dab. I guess it was like an Atlanta thing and he just put me onto it. So I didn't invent it, but I will take credit for pioneering it in it's embryonic stage."

Near the end of the video, Malone reveals a little secret by telling us that he didn't make the basket at the end of the video, claiming that it was CGI.

Watch the entirety of The People vs. Post Malone below!