JT Tollas, Famous Last Words vocalist and the genius behind Postscript, has teamed up with AltPress to release the project’s latest video “My (Deepest) Apologies” from Postscript’s debut album, The Stars Collide With The Trees, out everywhere today.

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The video explores cyberbullying from the perspective of Tollas and the negative comments that fans or “trolls” make from their online profiles. Fortunately, Tollas is able to overcome their backlash. 

“‘My (Deepest) Apologies’ originally started out as a song I was writing for another project altogether,” Tollas explains. “The project, ultimately, didn’t work out for me, but I still had this incredibly hooky verse and drop. There was no way I wasn’t going to use it. I ended up getting ahold of [the producer] Nick Scott and showed him the track. We got into the studio immediately, reworked the song and the instrumentals and rerecorded the vocals I wrote. It’s easily one of the catchiest songs on the album in my opinion. Its hook is infectious. While working on the song at home, I literally drove my fiancé mad. Right before working on this song, I invested thousands of dollars into recording equipment. It was my first stab at trying to record my own music so, of course, I wasn’t very good at it. She had to listen to, ‘Sorry for the way, sorry for the, that, that, that, that’ over, and over, and over again. She is such a trooper.

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“The song is about a person fucking up in a relationship,” Tollas continues. “It’s about this person making a huge mistake that they absolutely regret and the difficulties the couple face trying to figure out how to move past it. When it came time to figure out a video concept for it, though, I had other ideas. Given the lyrics in the chorus, I thought it would be hilarious to do a video where I was responding to hater comments online saying, ‘Sorry for the way that you feel!’ but in the end, showing that I couldn’t really care less about their negativity. Negative comments used to really bother me when I was younger. Over the years, however, I’ve grown up a lot, and it just stopped affecting me as much. It became much easier to just brush the negativity aside and focus my energy on the more positive stuff.”

You can watch the video below and listen to the full album here.