At first we were excited for the new Power Rangers movie to see our favorite color coordinated heroes kick Goldar's butt on the big screen, but after seeing the soundtrack, we don't know which to be more excited for!

Check out which of your favorite artists are featured on the movie's soundtrack below!

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We still have nine more days until Power Rangers hits the theatres and takes over our lives once again, but that won't stop us from binging the soundtrack until then, right? It features artists such as Twenty One Pilots, Social Distortion and even gets a bit heavy with Revocation. Check out some of the tracks you'll be hearing during the movie below!

Twenty One Pilots - "We Don't Believe What's On TV" :

Social Distortion - "Ring of Fire" :

The Raconteurs - "Salute Your Solution" :

Revocation - "Communion" :

The soundtrack also features songs from Destiny's Child, Tove Lo and Kanye West. The movie officially hits theatres on Mar. 24.

If you could add any song to the soundtrack, which one would you add?! Let us know in the comments!