[Photo by: Top Knot/Facebook]

Let's face it: We wish we could change our hair color all the time. (Sometimes we even want to change it more than once in a day.) Now there's a magical new hair color that actually changes color with heat, and we are amazed by how it works.

Watch the color change right behind your eyes below!

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The brand Pravana is launching the color next month, properly titled “Vivids Mood Color.” 

It’s a temporary color that comes out in one wash, but while you’re rocking it, will change color right before your eyes with a single touch of heat—yep, even with the warmth of your fingertips.

They currently have four shades: Cool Violet to Warm Pink, Lime Green to Sunny Yellow, Tropical Peach to Invisible, and Smokey Gray to Invisible.

Pravana currently has a countdown on their site until their rocking new line launches, and we can't wait to give it a try.

See how it works below!

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