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Find yourself craving more Pretty Litle Liars since the end of the series last year? Never fear, the show's spinoff, The Perfectionists, will satisfy your PLL sweet tooth. Not to mention, some of our fave stars just shared a first peek at the new show.

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Sasha Pieterse, better known as Alison in Pretty Little Liars, will be starring in the spinoff alongside Janel Parrish, loved (or hated) as Mona.

Pieterse posted a photo sneak peek at the series to Instagram, and safe to say—we're excited for this one.


And so it begins...�� #plltheperfectionists ��

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Pictured above is Sophia Carson, who will play Ava, and in the middle is I. Marlene King, PLL and The Perfectionists director.

In the book The Perfectionists, the beginning kicks off with a murder, much like the PLL series. But don't want to say too much... (Shhh!)

We're hoping this series will help mend our (still) broken hearts after the ending of Pretty Little Liars—and it looks like it might do just that.