Who doesn’t love Pringles or ramen after a long day? We all have our favorite junk foods we turn to in both good and bad times. Some of us reach for that bag of potato chips, which we may or may not cry into, and others may opt for a big, healthy helping of pasta. Now, you can combine both of your favorite, super-salty comfort foods with the Pringles-flavored ramen and ramen-flavored Pringles.

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Yes, it’s true. The two popular food items and college dorm staples have teamed up to create a match made in heaven. Sour-cream-and-onion flavored fried noodles and jalapeno and onion ramen will be on sale in Japan starting this month.

Instant noodle flavors have ranged from your typical chicken and beef seasonings, to ratatouille and cheese curry flavors as well.

In addition to the collab, the chip brand is also selling chicken-bone soy sauce and squid fried noodle flavors. This is also not the first time it has had a ramen flavor.

Top Ramen chicken-flavored chips began selling exclusively in Dollar General stores in April to be sold throughout the summer. This limited-edition flavor can still be found in some store locations. Pringles even made a store locator for fans of their highly sought after special flavors.

Pringles has been known to take risks in the world of chip making with several unique flavors spanning on the international scale. In India, it sells flavors such as zingy tomato, jalapeno cheese and peri peri, which is a spicy sauce for those who love a lot of heat in their food.

With so little time and so many flavors to try, we have to start eating now. Would you try these new flavors of Pringles and ramen? Let us know in the comments below.