Fashion and music lovers can agree that punk is more than just a genre—it’s a style all its own. With the temps dropping and fall concert season heating up, it’s time to channel your inner rock star and choose autumn wardrobe staples as badass as you are.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best classic punk-inspired styles for fall, and see how some of your favorite musicians are giving ’80s punk a 2018 twist.

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1. Leather jacket

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From the Ramones to Debbie Harry, the leather moto jacket has proven its staying power in the closets of alternative fashion lovers everywhere. To give your moto style some unique flair, considering decking your jacket in pins, studs, patches and DIY distressing.
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2. Flannel

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Whether you’re wearing for warmth or strictly for style reasons, flannels go with fall like piercings go with punk. Pick an oversized style to layer over your favorite band tees. With a pair of skinnies, your pop-punk look is totally set.
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3. Ripped jeans

Distressed, destroyed or shredded—whatever your wash, channel your inner wild child with a pair of jeans that are ripped, ragged and totally worn. Take a cue from Hayley Williams and pair with sleek boots, or couple with your go-to sneakers to be gig-ready in no time at all.
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4. Docs

Docs take the crown when it comes to punk-rock footwear. Built for those looking for comfort and cool, the Dr. Martens boot is likely going to be your new autumn style staple—and they actually go with everything. Take a cue from Boston Manor and pair with your favorite skinnies. Throw on your go-to denim jacket, and you’re set.
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5. Distressed denim jacket

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Denim is a fall style staple, and you can take that punk-vibing edge to the extreme with a style that’s destructed and distressed. Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes proves that a really worn look—with really cool customization from patches, pins and paint—makes for the ultimate autumn outerwear.
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6. Plaid trousers

There’s nothing that screams punk like plaid trousers for fall. Take some inspo from Neck Deep’s Ben Barlow and pair it with your fave band tee and Vans, or go for a Heather Baron Gracie-inspired approach and pair ‘em with sky-high creepers. Leather jacket, optional. (But recommended.)
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